Bitsy Biters

Toddlers tend to have trouble when it comes to verbalizing. It is very difficult and frustrating for them to get their point across when everyone else speaks English rather than their native language; babbles. If a child becomes aggravated they may resort to biting! This behavior is not abnormal at a young age but should be corrected immediately. Redirect your child’s biting habits by identifying triggers and address the triggers at their source in order to avoid incidents.


It is important that your child becomes sociable at a very young age to develop interaction skills. If your child is not in school or daycare, set up play dates with other children of their age to help build these essential life skills and prepare them for school!

Childhood Chores

Chores alone can be a drag, but these tasks can be made fun and easy! When you make a game out of chores, they are sure to quickly be finished in no time. Make it a race! Provide appropriate incentives. Make tidying up a fun habit that your child looks forward to!

Bedtime Sip

Often times parents fall into the routine of giving their children a beverage before bed and overlook the dental complications that may arise from such habits. If you are that parent, avoid any sugary or dairy drinks at bedtime. Giving your child these types of drinks before bed makes them susceptible to rotting teeth. If your child must have a drink to go to bed, encourage water. You can never go wrong with water!

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