Teaching Children Pet Safety

Gentle Touches

It is important that we teach our children to treat animals gently, many times children don’t know how to handle animals correctly resulting in them injuring an animal or an animal attacking them. Show them how to properly interact with animals to avoid an injury.

Photo Credit: Morgan Burks Photography

Challenging Moments

Children are more likely to misbehave or cause mischief when they are bored! Provide engaging indoor and outdoor activities like making play dough, coloring, hop scotch, and catch!

Morgan and Kids at Park


Not everything your child makes may look appealing to every eye, but it means everything to them when you show them acknowledgement and praise for something they made all by themselves! When your child makes something, make it known that they made something great! Hang it up! Stick it on the fridge! This will encourage your child to be creative and develop confidence and initiative!

Photo Credit: Morgan Burks Photography

Raising Military Children

As parents, and as a community, we all have a responsibility to our military children while their parents are protecting us from domestic and foreign enemies. Let’s protect their children by taking the time to stop and actively listen to them about what concerns them the most—family.