Parenting with Consistency

Your most important disciplinary tool is consistency! There are things that are nonnegotiable, identify them and implement a set of routine rules.

Tone of Your Voice

The way you speak to your child can determine whether your interaction between them is a crash course or a breezy cruise. Always consider the age of your child and remember they are learning and require patience!

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We always want what’s best for our children, and why wouldn’t we? They are our most precious gifts. Vaccinating your child at the earliest appropriate age will protect them when exposed and will prevent spreading disease to those with immune system deficiencies.

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Sometimes this word is very difficult to avoid, especially when you have little ones at home! Children tend to respond better towards positive language. Instead of saying “NO” try encouraging your child by redirecting them with two positive choices instead.
ex: If a child asks for a piece of candy , instead of saying “NO” and sparking a possible tantrum, redirect them with two favorable choices instead!
“Candy might hurt your tummy! Would you like some crunchy red apples or bouncy green grapes?”