LaFarris L. Risby: The Woman. The Educator. The Overcomer.™

LaFarris L. Risby, CFLE
LaFarris L. Risby, CFLE

With more than 20 years’ experience in Early Childhood Education and Family Support, LaFarris Risby is truly a woman who knows her stuff and has the credentials and tangible successes to prove it. Still, what’s most captivating about LaFarris is the testimony behind her passion for early childhood education and family well-being. Some of Risby’s most life shaping experiences include the grief and resentment of losing her mother at just five years old; becoming pregnant at 15 and giving birth to a premature child labeled legally disabled; being married to a womanizing high school sweetheart; and total surrender of her life to Jesus Christ.

As a member of the National Council on Family Relations, Risby is committed to providing and promoting quality early childhood education and family well-being. As a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) and nationally certified trainer, representative, advisor and home visitor/instructor and Professional Development (PD) Specialist for the Child Development Associate (CDA) certification program; LaFarris personally oversees and delivers both training and staff development activities for the staff of her growing umbrella of childcare and training facilities. LaFarris has also facilitated a wide variety of early childhood, health, parenting, and family related programs in collaboration with various organizations throughout the nation.

LaFarris Risby’s credentials and success in early childhood education and family well-being are complimented by a lifetime of experiences. She is a mother who’s given birth to two premature, low birth weight, children who refused to settle for the developmental handicaps she was told they would carry throughout their lives. She is an educator who has seen the fruits of proper nurturing in the life of her own daughter, who is now a successful early childhood education curriculum creator after being labeled legally disabled as a child. She is a grandmother passionate about leaving a legacy for generations to come in the wake of losing her own mother at just five years old. This is a mere fraction of her story. LaFarris Risby is an overcomer. She’s overcome the odds and is tangible proof that with faith and determination the impossible becomes possible.

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