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Parenting Tips

Bathroom Safety Accessories

To make things easier for new parents, there are a lot of products available in the market such as adhesive floor stickers, portable handles, non-slip mattresses, water thermometers, faucet extenders, and toilet seat locks.

SIDS: Avoid bumpers

Bumpers were invented to prevent infants from getting their arms and legs stuck between the bars of their cribs. Now that government regulations require cribs to have a safe bar width, bumpers don’t serve any safety purpose. It is not recommended to use bumpers or have any stuffed animals or pillows, as they could cause suffocation.

Avoid the abominable snowman

Although your baby looks cute bundled in her furry onesie like the abominable snowman, avoid over bundling her. Instead, dress her in light sleepwear. Her bedroom should be a comfortable temperature, and she should not feel hot to the touch.

Padding and baby-proofing

Toddlers very frequently bump into things and even fall often. Make sure you cover sharp edges in your bathroom. There plenty of padding and baby-proofing materials available in the market to cover and conceal rough and sharp edges of the bathroom. You could even stick a thin layer of sponge to things that are sharp and could hurt the baby. Painting rough edges to smooth them out will also help tremendously to keep your baby safe.