Bathroom Safety Accessories

Bathroom SafetyTo make things easier for new parents, there are a lot of products available in the market such as:

  1. Faucet extenders are extensions you put on the faucet, they help the child to reach the running water easily
  2. Adhesive stickers when stuck on the bathroom floor give a good grip to the feet and avoid slipping accidents
  3. Portable handles can be stuck on the bathroom walls so that the baby or the mother can hold on to them while getting off the floor
  4. Non Slip mattresses provide good grip even when there is water on the floor
  5. Toilet seat lock is a child lock system that you put on the toilet seat so that your baby won’t be able to open it. Some locks even close the seat automatically when left open
  6. Water thermometer helps you to check the water temperature and determine whether the water in the tub or the bucket is suitable for the baby to bathe with
  7. If you have a bath tub, investing in some baby floats, rings and floating cushion is a wise decision