Guns in America

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“SIG Pro by Augustas Didzgalvis” by Augustas Didžgalvis – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

No this article is not debating who is right or wrong regarding our rights to bear arms. You see, we live in a free country, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

For a few moments I want us to stop the debating about who is right or wrong because both sides have very compelling arguments. Let’s instead think about the safety of guns in our homes – and I will go even further: let’s protect our children from seen and unseen dangers.

Over the last few years, hundreds of children have died because we, as adults, don’t take measures to ensure their safety. If you have a gun in your home make sure your child knows that it is not a toy to play with because children are curious by nature and they like to explore. Keep your unloaded gun in a lock box out of the reach of your child.
I am not making an argument for either side of this issue, but I do feel that it is important for children to be taught gun safety and that guns are not toys which we see displayed on TV by our superheroes. Our children are being influenced and may even believe that being shot is not a mortal wound and that they would be able to get up and fly away into the sunset.

They are de-sensitized to the dangers that truly exist when it comes to a firearm. Children mimic what we as parents do. The things we do not want them to do, we should not do in front of them. If you routinely clean or handle your firearm in front of them, they will surely try to mimic this behavior. It is our responsibility as parents to teach our children about the dangers of this behavior.

If you believe in having guns in the home, consider taking a hunter’s safety course and enroll your children in one when they are old enough to attend. To view the information for free Hunter’s Safety courses offered by Kansas Wildlife Parks and Tourism:

Regardless of your stance on gun control, your child needs to know about guns and the safety of guns because even if you do not own a gun, your child may encounter one at a friend or relative’s home. Parents, as much as we hope and pray for our children, they do not live in a bubble.