The Importance of Reading

Our children love to read stories with Dr. Seuss!!
Our children love to read stories with Dr. Seuss!!


Read Across America and the beloved character “Dr. Seuss” birthday is celebrated this week. Reading is important no matter the age level of the child. Whether it is new words or repeated words, children process them into their minds. The more a child is read to, the more they will learn, and a better reader they will become. Reading is important because it is used in our everyday life. Learning words at a young age while the brain is still developing is a natural and exciting process for young minds.

Seeing pictures along with specific words can help a child with identifying words, hearing the words repeated will help them to repeat the words back and this process will help your child form sentences.

Infants are never too young to be read to because they will remember what is repeated to them over and over and this will increase their verbal skills as they are learning to speak. As your child increases their language skills, they improve their ability to express themselves verbally and they learn about the world around them.

There is a word gap of about 30 million words between children who are in preschool and have been read to regularly than those who have never been read to or exposed to a preschool setting. Reading different types of books about visiting places, food, colors, and animals can enhance and broaden a child’s vocabulary. Another fun fact about reading is that it can improve a child’s behavior. By choosing books that will have positive influence like being kind to others, sharing, or not bullying can lead to a healthier outcome and nurture a child’s social and emotional development while building lifelong friendships.

Remember: start early with your child the gift of reading. This gift will open doors to all kinds of information. As your child gets older, finding something your child is interested in reading is vital because this will increase their desire to continue a love for reading. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!